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Holy Patooty! This is getting intense! Looks like our newly discovered shapeshifter friend is getting an Extreme Makeover. Heh, yeah… I went there… 😐
I’m happy to say that I am, in fact, still on schedule. It is still Sunday for me, meaning it’s still technicaly the weekend. I will however say, that this past 2 weeks have been brutal for me. I’ve been sick with headaches, a stuffed nose, aches and pains all over and on top of it, sliced and diced myself in all kinds of spots. And all the while, I’m still working. But enough of my complaining, you’re here for comics!
  • Shadowkey392

    Ah, classic overpowered shock therapy! What villain is complete without it?

    *puts on sunglasses* geez, that’s bright.

    • Aw yeah. Classic villain technology effects are what run my life. If I were to do things the modern standard way, I wouldn’t have as much fun as I have making these pages.

    • nick Kohout

      The only thing else that this villain needs is an evil monologue explaining all of the plans.

      • Shadowkey392

        I bet it comes later, when the villain puts the hero in an inescapable death trap after deeming them a threat to their plans.

      • Shadowkey392

        That’s probably coming.